360˚ Insurance and Finance Digital Transformation Best Practices

Are you asking the right business, technical, legal and ethical questions?

The Insurance and Finance industries see exciting digital transformation opportunities from business process automation technologies like robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning, and intelligent ingestion. But there are so many ways to go wrong! To make real-world digital transformation efforts succeed, business and technology leaders must be able to solve many new kinds of complex challenges around business structure and technology as well as ethical and legal issues.

Get insights from a cross-discipline expert panel

This on demand webinar brings together a cross-discipline expert panel who address some of the key business, technical, and legal questions Insurance and Finance industry leaders need to know in order to minimize risk throughout their digital transformation journey—and some of the ethical dilemmas leaders may face along the way.
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Four key takeaways for your business:

  • Never look at digital workers as one size-fits all—without proper life-cycle and process oversight, they could overwhelm human workforces and functionality.
  • Avoid project stall or abandonment by future proofing your automation investments with flexible technologies and proven risk mitigation techniques.
  • Cybersecurity threats can arise from the deployment of digital workers that might create a potential attack vector. Finding the right vendor will help with these threats.
  • Learn what new skills your leadership team will need to acquire to manage workforces that have digital workers in the chain of command.
Thomas Arnold
Ph.D. Candidate (Harvard University)
Research Associate, Tufts University
Human-Robot Interaction Laboratory
Focusing on Ethics of Human-Robot Interaction
Roberta DeDonato
Vice President of Sales Engineering at Kofax
Randy Dufault
Director of Solutions Development at Genus Technologies
Anthony A. Froio
Managing Partner of the Boston Office of Robins Kaplan, LLP
James Kitces, J.D.
Partner at
Robins Kaplan, LLP
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