Business Process Automation is Evolving
Are you asking the right business, technical, legal—and ethical —questions?
Webinar | Thursday April 25, 2109 | 2-2:45 PM EST
Learn best practices for your finance and insurance industries business process automation journey
Business automation technologies like robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning, and intelligent ingestion offer the entire finance and insurance ecosystem exciting digital transformation possibilities. But those possibilities come with real world challenges because of the business problems and kinds of data involved.  

Addressing those challenges requires business, technical, and legal expertise.  This webinar will bring together an expert panel discussing the specific technical, business and legal topics critical to digital transformation success in the finance and insurance industries.
Learn best practices for your finance and insurance
Moderated by:
Thomas Arnold, Ph. D. Candidate (Harvard University)
Research Associate, Tufts University
Human-Robot Interaction Laboratory
Focusing on Ethics of Human-Robot Interaction
Our Panelists
Roberta DeDonato
Vice President
Sales Engineering
Randy Dufault
Solutions Development
Genus Technologies
Anthony A. Froio
Managing Partner
Boston Office
Robins Kaplan, LLP
James Kitces, J.D.
PartnerRobins Kaplan, LLP
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